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    • Dan and Christof have just announced their PS1HDMI kit: A no-cut mod for the PlayStation 1 that’s a true digital to digital HDMI output kit, like their DCHDMI!The PS1HDMI will be an internal install compatible with 500X through
      700X series PlayStation consoles. The installation includes removing
      the serial port, in order to mount the HDMI port, making this a true


      Firmware v1.0
      • Support for all PS1 output resolutionsThis is working, except the correct vertical alignment of 256p and 512p.
        Is there even a game out there which uses these modes?
      vertical \ horizontal256320384512640

      • 256, 384 and 512 horizontal resolutions are interpolated to match the 4:3 picture aspect ratioDone, but needs some tweakingDone (2020-01-24)
      • Configurable (fast/instant) interlaced/progressive switchingInterlaced video uses 262.5 total lines (263/262, depending on displayed field), while progressive uses 263 lines. The HDMI link is kept active, when a switch from interlaced to progressive (and back) is occuring, but the video timings change. Some monitors/TVs can handle this without loosing sync, others do not.PS1HDMI supports forcing 240p (480i) based output timings, so no HDMI sync drop will happen. Input video and output video will be (slightly) out of sync (when interlaced is forced to progressive and vice versa), so a tearing effect occurs periodcally)Done
      • Upscaling support
        • VGA/480p, 960p and 1080p for NTSC consoles
        • 576p for PAL consoles
      • Color correctionInput video color mode (RGB555, RGB565, ...) is detected and converted to RGB888.Done
      • Gamma correction with option for custom color mappingPS1HDMI supports gamma correction and also allows the creation of custom maps, which can be uploaded through the web interface.Done
      • Digital sound via HDMII2S signal from the audio DAC is embedded into HDMI.Done
      • WiFi firmware updatesDone
      • Basic deinterlacingBob/weave deinterlacing can be selected via OSD.Done
      • Controller integration / OSDDone
      • Modchip integrationPS1HDMI will integrate integrates an ESP32 port of PsNee. Thanks to rama3! (, latest board revision is already prepared for this (incl. flat flex)Done (2020-02-06)
      • NTSC/PAL reference oscillator mod integrationPS1HDMI uses a programmable PLL to create the various clocks needed for operation.
        This could also be used to integrate this mod.
        Further testing and another hardware revision neededPS1HDMI optionally can take control of the GPU clock.
        This allows correct frame rates, when running NTSC games on PAL consoles and vice versa.Only one resisitor has to be removed, no trace cutting needed.WIP
      • ScanlinesDone

      Firmware v2.0
      • Advanced deinterlacing
      • HQ2X filter
      • Wireless serial portCurrently, it's planned to use ESP-Now to create a wireless link for the serial port occupied by PS1HDMI.
        A separate small ESP32 board to connect to the serial port will be available.WIP, current board revision is already prepared for this (incl. flat flex)
      • 960p50 and 1080p50 upscaling for PAL
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