[PC/PS4/XBO/SWI] Summer in Mara

    • Summer in Mara erscheint Anfang 2020 auf Steam, PS4, Xbox One und Nintendo Switch

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      Summer in Mara , the new farming adventure by Chibig , introduces its animated opening. A cinematic that will give introduce the players the story of Mara and its colorful characters.

      Koa lives an easy life on her own island with her grandmother Yaya Haku. But t he elit, an evil corporation, appears in Mara to exploit its resources . Koa will have to leave her island and she will meet over 20 characters, each one of them with their own lives and stories . With their help, Koa will have to stand up for Mara against the elit.

      Summer in Mara is an adventure about farming and crafting, with exploration elements, in a tropical ocean . Chibig has crafted a huge story about growing up and facing your fears to make Mara a better place.

      This opening was made thanks to the contribution of over 12700 backers that supported us in our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Both the opening and the ending of Summer in Mara were created by Ciervo Alto .

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