[XBO/PC] Forza Horizon 4

    • Wäre zumindest eine Möglichkeit. Kenne schon einige Leute die Horizon 4 nur über Gamepass gespielt und nicht gekauft haben.
      Kann von MS natürlich auch Kalkül gewesen sein um den Gamepass gleichermaßen zu pushen wie auch irgendwann dann die Zahlen auf dem Papier zu haben um sagen zu können, dass sich Retails nicht mehr lohnen und deshalb keine mehr produziert werden.

      Mit der nächsten Generation und einer möglichen reinen Streamingkonsole ist eh das Problem mit Retail, dass man nicht mehr alle damit bedienen kann.
    • Würde da echt gerne mal Verlgleichzahlen sehen (Bei MS allerdings ziemlich unwahrscheinlich). Ich persönlich habe für FH4 Ultimate jedenfalls 99,99€ ausgegeben. Mit irgendwelchen Tricks könnte ich da 2-3 Jahre Gamepass Zugang bekommen.
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      Update gabs ja auch, Changelog:

      Forza Horizon 4 Update (December 13th) Patch Notes
      New Features

      • Improved Horizon Life Multiplayer Event Sign-Up
        • When you create a Multiplayer Event, you can post it to the Activity Panel and return to Freeroam while you wait for players to sign up and join. The previous 40-second limit has been removed, and now you can wait for as long as you life for players to join before you start the session.
      • Improved Photo Mode
        • We’ve added more freedom to how you can move and pan the camera, along with bokeh effects and the ability to toggle headlights, drivers, wildlife and crowd characters!
      Cross Platform Fixes
      • Emotes can now occasionally be found for purchase in the #Forzathon shop.
      • Improved visibility of driving line on mini-map in various colorblind modes.
      • Added messaging to inform players that Cars and Credits must be claimed from the Auction House within 60 days.
      • Added an LSP error message to make users aware they need an update to the game.
      • Seasonal Event names are now shown on the map, making them easier to find.
      • Made a change to allow users who use manual gears to view the map during Route Creation.
      • Fixed an exploit in Route Creator which allowed players to create routes to easily gain a large number of skill points.
      • Fixed an exploit in Rivals which allowed players to use cars that did not meet the event restrictions.
      • Fixed an issue where players who flipped cars, or missed checkpoints were not being reset in Tanked Adventure.
      • Fixed an issue where players could not remove glasses in the Character Customizer.
      • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a Car Mastery Tree, and be unable to navigate from their current tile.
      • Fixed an issue where players were occasionally being teleported to their last created Route Blueprint after a Seasonal Championship.
      • Fixed an issue where the Distance Driven stat was not updating correctly if the player changed their car via the Pause Menu
      • Various stability improvements.
      PC Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where benchmark mode for Nvidia cards would sometimes show performance degradation when there was none.
      • Fixed an issue where the latest Windows 10 OS was causing a crash when entering speed zones.
      • Fixed infrequent frame drops when using AMD Radeon R9 290X
      • Improved non-standard functions that have been mapped to a controller.
      Wheel Fixes
      • Fixed extreme sudden movements to wheels during initialization.
      • Fixed the grinding noise in cockpit view when shifting with the Logitech G920.
      • Fixed the deadzones settings functionality for Throttle, Break, Clutch and Steering.
      • Added UI to make it clearer which way to turn the wheel when mapping a Steering Wheel.
      Xbox Fixes
      • No Xbox-specific fixes.[/quote]
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      Konnte gestern leider nicht spielen. Remote Installation hat leider mal wieder nicht funktioniert.

      [EDIT] Ah ha anscheinend gab es gestern zuzuglich zum DLC 7GB auch noch das Update mit 7GB. Dann hat die Remote Installation des DLC doch funktioniert aber das Update wurde eben nicht gezogen.
      Hank von Helvete: "The ass is the most beautiful part of the human body, but still there is a lot of shit coming out of it"

      XBL Gamertag: bbstevieb

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