[MD] Tänzer

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    • [MD] Tänzer

      Neues Mega Drive Spiel ist gerade bei Kickstarter gestartet. Es nennt sich Tänzer und ist ein Actionplattformer. Der Stil mit den Slashes erinnert mich frappierend an Strider.

      Grafik könnte definitiv besser sein.


      Tänzer is a new game being developed for the good old SEGA Mega Drive andGenesis game consoles.
      The game can be best described as being a horizontally scrolling, full on action hack and slash platformer. The design influences is taken from games like Strider, Osman and Hagane to artists like Keita Amemiya and Roger Dean and to anime series such as Guyver.
      The intent is to release the game as a physical release with Box, multi region Cartridge and Manual.
      The final version of the game will contain the following:
      • 8 Levels (5 sub stages per level) with its own environments like Old West, Ancient Rome and Flying Pirate Ships to name a few
      • Sub Bosses for all of the sub stages
      • End of Level Bosses
      • In-Between Stages Shop where you gain your Transmutational Power and replenishes health and more
      • Secrets (like stages and hidden treasures)
      The demo-on-a-cartridge pledges exists so that we can do some testing with different PCB and shell manufacturers to find the required quality in this area.
      The Box, Cartridge and Packaging
      The final product will have inserts for the boxes in four different variants, one for each region (Japan, US, Europe and Brazil). The one showed here is a work in progress of the PAL one.
      And the cartridge itself will of course have a label to reflect that region difference as well.
      Current State and Game Play
      We have explosive action! Apart from the normal 6-way Slash, you can Triple Jump and achieve hit combos for enemies destroyed in air, you can use Transmutational Powers to finish off bigger enemies quicker, or as a defensive move.
      We have Fun With Bonus at the end of each stage! Watch the count down as you reap your rewards. Also, all levels will have at least one branching route, to maximize the replay value of the game.
      All enemies drop Gold for you to transform into Transmutational Powers or extra health and more, in your mother ship.
      Then you're ready to take on the Sub Bosses of each Stage...
      ...and finally to meat the Boss of the Level.
      Then What?
      Of course we've already started on the other Levels, here's a sneak peak of the future.
      Who's doing this?
      Mikael Tillander, pixel art, coding, sound effects and general design and Johan Agurén doing all of the music.
      At the heart of the code lies SGDK, a development library in C for mega drive development, made by Stephane Dallongeville.
      And we're also contracting Fergi Susetiyo for the awesome cover art and licencing the logo font from Chris Hansen.
      Final Words
      The community surrounding endeavors such as this are super helpful and friendly. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you that make this hobby possible!
      And the game itself will be made and released in some form or another, no matter the outcome of this Kickstarter. But a successful Kickstarter would mean that the quality of the physical release will be as good as we can possibly make it.
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"
    • Ich schau mir halt die Grafik und das Cover an und finde beides sehr verbesserungswürdig. Genre an sich mag ich. Aber ich bin nicht sicher ob sich da grafisch noch was tut. Der Coder macht die Grafik. Und gerade solche Actiongames leben halt viel von cooler Optik.
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"
    • Es geht eher darum, dass er wohl keine Raubkopien basteln wird. Man kann das Modul ja kaufen.

      Und selbst wenn man sagt "ich habe das ROM für nen Zehner gekauft und will nur ein Modul für den Eigengebrauch"... dann ist das ja immernoch irgendwie scheiße für die Entwickler, wenn einer serienmäßig für alle Backer die wollen Module bastelt, während sie nur die 10$ bekommen. Ist ja irgendwo Sabotage ihres Geschäfts.
      Ganz abgesehen davon, dass er ja nicht mal überprüfen könnte, wer wirklich legal zumindest für sein ROM bezahlt hat.
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"