• CROSS†CHANNEL nach PS3 und PSVita nun auch auf PC

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      MoeNovel, the publisher of Visual Novel HD titles, is proud to announce the Japanese visual novel masterpiece; CROSS†CHANNEL: Steam Edition, is releasing on Steam this Spring 2018. Steam Edition is based on the definitive PS3/PS Vita release CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~, and marks the first time CROSS†CHANNEL has been officially localized.

      CROSS†CHANNEL: Steam Edition is the first official English localization of the visual novel cult classic CROSS†CHANNEL.

      Set in Gunjo Gakuin, a school specialized for those deemed by the government to be unfit for society, CROSS†CHANNEL follows the story of eight members of the school's Broadcasting Club who have just returned from a disastrous field trip, which throws their club – and their friendships – into turmoil.

      Upon returning to school, the students quickly discover that they are the only living people around. Completely alone and rife with tension, will the students manage to mend their broken friendships and complete their broadcasting antenna in order to reach out to other possible survivors of whatever mysterious calamity has befallen them? Or will they come apart at the seams?


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