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      Welcome to a Developer Update for the upcoming Exclusive Reverie releasing on the PS4 and PS Vita! As a subscriber you can expect more interviews, gameplay & story previews from the amazing indie developers that have partnered with eastasiasoft and

      Reverie is a take on the classic action and adventure genre with its setting and style influenced by the adventures of the developers, Rainbite, in their youth. Set on a fictional island in New Zealand Reverie follows a young boy named Tai on his summer holiday filled with angry spirits, dangerous dungeons, and a Maori legend.

      Reverie gameplay may invoke memories of gaming classics like Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda, with a beautiful cleanliness and simplicity to its aesthetic and puzzles. Each dungeon in Reverie brings with it a new item, or a gameplay mechanic related to an item earned previously.

      With an approach to puzzle progression inspired by both StarTropics andLoZ, Reverie's gameplay mechanics will be introduced as simply as possible - with the dungeon demanding more critical thinking and precision from the player as they venture further.

      "We let the player learn how to use the item naturally, then let them explore the mechanics needed to push their knowledge of the item to the limit." — Rainbite

      Featuring six different dungeons to fight through, a rich overworld, weapons, items, puzzles, and enough feathers to keep you collecting for hours Reverie is a certified must-play indie title for 2018!

      Orders for physical copies of the Reverie Limited Edition releasing on PS4 & PSV have not yet opened. Availability will be limited, so please ensure you check your email regularly for updates. Alternatively you can keep updated with Play-Asia.comor the developer Rainbite on social media.
      Paprium, der neue 80Mbit Brawler von WM für den Mega Drive.

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