Intellivision IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2015

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    • Intellivision IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2015

      Find ich toll, also kopiere ich das einfach mal 1:1 von Aari Age hier rein:

      Intellivision IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2015

      Welcome to the first IntyBASIC game programming contest held on AtariAge (thanks Albert!). The contest is open to all IntyBASIC programmers and is sponsored by GroovyBee, nonner242, nanochess, CollectorVision and Albert.

      Further prizes are being offered by revolutionika and cmart604, and awards will be given to entries that place 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Drop us a PM if you'd also like to help out with some more prizes!


      So you can get started, the basic rules are laid out below:
      The competition starts today (Wednesday 1st of July 2015) and the deadline for submissions is 00:00 GMT on the 1st of January 2016 (midnight on the 31st of December) - this gives you around 6 months of development time.
      There will be no competition unless a minimum of six entries are submitted by the deadline.
      Your game(s) must be developed in IntyBASIC and use the default prologue/epilogue files. The only assembly language statement allowed within your game is the ORG statement so that you can develop a larger game.
      All submitted games must meet the entry criteria to be valid.
      The games submitted do not necessarily need to be new, but must be your own work, not sold commercially or released in cartridge format previously.
      NTSC must be supported, with additional PAL support optional (but encouraged).
      The maximum number of single entries from a person or group is set at three. If more entries are made, the applicant has the opportunity to replace a previous entry with a new one.
      The 1st prize winning game may be published by CollectorVision (should it's developer enter into an agreement to do so). This matter will be discussed privately with the parties concerned and if an agreement is reached a public announcement will be made later.
      There will be a panel of judges (announced in full over the coming weeks), and entries will be scored on a points basis across several criteria. The decision of the panel is final.
      All game ROMs below 1st prize (2nd, 3rd etc.) will be published after judging has been completed. However, if the 1st prize game is to be published by CollectorVision its ROM will be distributed after game sales have completed.
      All entries must be submitted via email to by the closing date.
      The judges will declare the results of the contest by 12:00 GMT on the 31st of January 2016.

      Each entry into the contest must consist of the following items to be valid :-
      Game image in *.rom or *.bin+*.cfg.
      Brief instructions on how to play the game.
      IntyBASIC source code (and any data files).
      Instructions on how to build the IntyBASIC source code (this must also include IntyBASIC compiler version number).
      As part of the validation process, each entry's source code will be built using its instructions and the final binary produced must match the submitted binary image 100%. Any entry that fails this criteria will not be judged.

      It is not necessary for any contestant to publish the source code to their entry. However, if they wish to do so before the contest closes, they will be awarded an extra 5 points.

      Competition contestants are free to discuss their game's progress, provide source code and WIP ROMs and to also help other contestants should they wish to do so.

      Your entry must be submitted via email to by the competition's closing date.


      The panel of judges is as follows :-
      Albert Yarusso (Albert)
      Mark Ball (GroovyBee)
      Oscar Toledo G. (nanochess)
      J-F (retroillucid)
      Judges are not permitted to enter the contest themselves. However, they are permitted to answer technical questions and provide assistance to applicants publicly when required.

      DZ-Jay will validate the entries. His role is to ensure that only the permitted assembly language is used in the game and that an exact game binary can be produced.


      The criteria that each game will be evaluated on are:
      Originality (1 ro 10) - Is the game based on a new idea or a twist on an established design?
      Concept (1 to 10) - Quality of game design.
      Execution (1 to 10) - Execution of design, taking into account controls, NTSC/PAL compatibility.
      Graphics (1 to 10) - Quality of graphics and animation.
      Sound (1 to 10) - Quality of music and sound effects.
      Presentation (1 to 10) - Overall presentation.
      Game play (1 to 10) - A measure of how enjoyable the game is to play.
      Lasting Appeal (1 to 10) - Replay value, addictiveness.
      Source code (5) - These points are awarded to any coder that publishes his/her game's source code publicly.
      When the panel has scored each game accordingly, the totals for each criteria will be added together for each game to give it a final score.

      First prize:
      Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only).
      End label and a box designed by nonner242 (1 copy only).
      Hive Multi-cart Deluxe Edition.
      2 blank Bee3s.
      1 Bee3 programmer adapter (winner will have to buy a $40 microcontroller programmer).
      Optional: CIB publication with CollectorVision.
      Second prize:
      Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only).
      End label by nonner242 (1 copy only).
      Hive Multi-cart Standard Edition.
      Third prize:
      Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only).
      A simple end label by nonner242 (1 copy only).
      CIB Space Raid (donated by nanochess).
      Note: These rules are based on RGCD's Programming Contest 2014 rules and are used with permission.

      The development tools and emulators needed to create and play your games can be found here.
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"
    • Naja mal gucken was rauskommt. Schade auf jeden Fall, dass ein möglicher Release des Siegers von CollectorVision ist, da deren Qualität relativ stark abfällt zu anderen Publishern. Okay, Elektronite war eh nicht zu erwarten, aber selbst Rev macht deutlich bessere Boxen und Inserts (arbeitet afaik auch mit IntelligentVision zusammen). Irgendwie bin ich aber gespannt, ob es überhaupt genug Entries geben wird.
    • Na wenn die Judges nicht mitmachen dürfen wird's nicht allzu viele geben :D
      IntyBasic war aber schon recht gut fortgeschritten, als ich es das letzte mal angeschaut hab. Welche Version haben wir da jetzt? hatte damals 0.5 ausprobiert.
      Real Games need only one button!
    • Ich denke schon, dass es genug Beiträge geben wird. BASIC hat ja auch auf anderen Systemen für rege Beteiligung von Anfängern gesorgt, dafür ist es da.

      Die Jury Mitglieder würden ihrerseits nie was in BASIC proggen, zu limitiert.^^

      Halte das für ne tolle Aktion. :)
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"
    • Okay, der Entwickler MUSS natürlich mit dem Programm arbeiten, wenn ers weiter optimieren will. Ich meinte eher, dass die Leute, die eben programmieren können eher weniger Interesse dran haben dürften, weil für die jede BASIC Variante eben eine Einschränkung darstellt. :)
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"