[Multi] Minecraft

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    • Minecraft ab August 2014 auch auf Xbox One

      UPDAAAAATEEEE - Minecraft kommt im August auch auf Xbox One.


      Der Indie-Hit Minecraft kommt nach seinem Erfolg auf Xbox 360 als Special Edition jetzt auch für Xbox One. Wer die Version für Xbox 360 bereits besitzt, darf sich auf einen Preisnachlass sowie die Portierung des Speicherstands auf Xbox One freuen.

      Are you feeling that uncomfortable “Minecraft” withdrawal from not being able to go all next-gen with your favorite blocky life simulator? If so, great news: “Minecraft” creator Mojang has just announced that “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” is coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace this August – and if you’re a current “Minecraft” enthusiast, it’s only going to cost you a mere $4.99*!

      Get ready for even bigger worlds (with scenic vistas), all of your favorite features from “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” and the option to import your saved game data and your beautiful, one-of-a-kind “Minecraft” world onto your Xbox One. That’s right: You don’t have to start from scratch. You can just keep going, right where you left off! That goes for most (but not all) of your downloadable skins and texture packs, though not all of them will make the jump.

      “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” will debut at $19.99. But here’s the best news for current “Minecraft” junkies: If you’re moving up from “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” (either the disc or Xbox Live Marketplace version), the Xbox One upgrade will run you a mere $4.99. And, even better, you can upgrade at this price for a full year from the game’s release!

      So, get pumped for the sure-to-be-awesome “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition,” coming your way this August. And if you’re not already one of the 12 million-strong fans of “Minecraft” on Xbox, what are you waiting for?

      *Users must own the retail version (disc or digital) of “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” in order to receive the upgrade price of $4.99 for “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.”


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      Let´s Race again...
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    • Es ist sowieso unglaublich, wie lange sich dieser Titel auf der 360 in den Charts hält... o_O

      Ich verschieb's aber mal ins Multi, da es auch für die PS3 erhältlich ist.

      Sogar PS4- und PSVita-Versionen sind angekündigt!
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    • Es gibt neue Screens für die kommende Xbox One-Version! Siehe Anhang.
    • Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition erhält Trials Fusion Update

      Ubisoft kündigte heute eine einzigartige Partnerschaft mit Microsoft an, um Trials Fusion in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition einzubinden. Das bald erscheinende Skin-Pack 6 für Minecraft wird zwei neue von Trials Fusion inspirierte Skins enthalten. Diese neuen Skins werden ab dem 25. Juni als Download im Xbox Live Marketplace erhältlich sein.


      -- M.C´s DVD Sammlung -

      Let´s Race again...
      #1 Blacklist on Xbox & Xbox360
      #6 Blacklist on PS2
    • Nach dem unglaublichen Twitter/GAF/PSN-Drama gestern kann man das Spiel mittlerweile auch auf der PS4 freischalten :lol:

      Aber einfach wäre ja zu einfach. Im Store findet man es nocht nicht, zumindest nicht über die PS4. Wenn man allerdings über die PSN-Webseite geht findet man das Spiel, allerdings als "derzeit nicht verfügbar". ABER, man kann die Demo "kaufen", diese auf die PS4 laden und dann in der Demo unter "Spiel freischalten" das Game tatsächlich kaufen (18,99€).

      Habs gerade getestet, scheint alles zu funktionieren.
    • Upgrade auf die PS4-Version ist nun auch möglich für 4 Euro:

      Staying true to our promise, we wanted to make sure that anyone who previously bought the PS3 Edition (Disc or Digital) would be able to upgrade to PS4 Edition for a small fee.

      Well, we’re happy to officially announce the upgrade option is available to any existing PS3 Edition owners for just €3.99!

      This entitlement applies to everyone who’s bought Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc or Digitally) and transfers their PSN account to their PS4 console.


      Komplette Neukäufer zahlen 19 Euro.

      Den PS3-Thread hier eingefügt.
      You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.
    • Von PS3 (Disc) auf PS4 zu wechseln funktioniert aber irgendwie noch nicht.
      Theoretisch heißt es das dein PSN Account es irgendwie mitbekommen soll wenn du die Disc in deiner PS3 drinnen hattest.
      Danach soll man auch das 4 Euro Update beziehen können. Funktioniert aber bei vielen, einschließlich mir nicht. :(
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    • Hier etwas ausführlicher:

      Microsoft Said Near $2 Billion Deal for Minecraft Maker
      Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), maker of the Xbox video-game console, is in discussions to acquire Mojang AB, the software company behind the popular game Minecraft, for more than $2 billion, three people with knowledge of the talks said. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, is in serious talks with 4-year-old Mojang, said the people, who asked not to be named because the negotiations aren’t public. The deal may be concluded as soon as this week, though next week is more likely, said two people.

      An accord to acquire Mojang would be the biggest deal struck since Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft’s chief executive officer in February, succeeding Steve Ballmer. Nadella has been shifting the company’s focus more toward Internet-based services and cloud computing. It has also renewed a push to woo serious gamers to the Xbox, following a lackluster attempt to turn the machine into a device to serve up broader content such as movies and music. “It’s one of the greatest success stories in gaming over the last 10 years,” said Doug Creutz, an analyst at Cowen & Co. in New York, referring to Mojang. “They’ve sold a lot of copies of Minecraft over the Xbox.” Frank Shaw, a spokesman for Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, declined to comment yesterday. Representatives of Stockholm-based Mojang didn’t respond to e-mails outside of normal business hours. Microsoft’s talks with Mojang were reported earlier yesterday by the Wall Street Journal.

      If a deal is reached, Microsoft plans to pay for an acquisition with cash held overseas, one person familiar with the company said. That would have favorable tax consequences for the software maker, whose vast majority of cash and short-term investments are kept outside the U.S.

      Persson Selling
      The deal came together after Mojang founder Markus Persson reached out to Microsoft a few months ago, based on a positive working relationship on Minecraft for Xbox, said the person familiar with Microsoft. The two companies quickly agreed on a framework and approximate price and have been working out the details since, the person said. Persson will help out with the transition, though he is unlikely to remain beyond that, according to the person. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has a close relationship with Persson, and has flown out to have dinners with the Mojang founder, another person familiar with Microsoft said.

      The software maker calculates it can boost Minecraft sales by expanding the number of game users through Microsoft’s position in video games and computers, and by expanding licensing for things like toys and movies, said one of the people.

      Virtual World
      Persson founded Mojang in 2010, after he coded Minecraft on a lark in 2009 as a side project when he came home from working his day job at King.com, a U.K.-based gaming site. For a while, users could only buy Minecraft on Persson’s website, where it retailed for 15 euros. The game puts users inside a vast, pixelated landscape. The goal, as much as there is one, is to avoid being eaten by monsters that come out after dark. By April 2011, Minecraft, which is a bit like playing Lego in a virtual world, had sold more than 1.75 million copies.

      Minecraft is made for multiple platforms including consoles, computers and mobile devices. As of June, Mojang had sold more than 54 million copies of the game in all its forms. It was the No. 2 best-selling game by physical retail copies sold in July for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, behind Sony Corp.’s The Last of Us for PlayStation consoles, according to research firm NPD Group Inc. It was the No. 3 game in June. Minecraft was made available for the newest generation of consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, earlier this month. Microsoft, if it completes the deal, will keep the game available for rival products, said two people familiar with the company’s plans. The company thinks that this kind of product, like its Office productivity software, has to be available with high-quality versions for multiple platforms, including those of its rivals, the person with knowledge of Microsoft’s thinking said.

    • Dabei ist mojang ja bisher nur ein one hit Wonder. Naja twitch ist ja auch massiv überteuert also wohl alles normal :)
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    • Minecraft 2, Minecraft of War, Minecraft TCG, Minecraft Masterchief-Edition, Minecraft Kart und Minecraft Smash Brawl ick hör euch trapsen.
      Alles was ich hier schreibe entspricht meiner eigenen, privaten Meinung und ist nicht dazu gedacht als allgemein gültiger Konsens betrachtet zu werden. Und nein, ich bin auch kein Nintendo-Hater, nur weil ich einen DSLite, 3DS, Wii U und eine Switch besitze, heißt das nicht das ich auch alles toll finden muss was Nintendo macht. ;)