Ecco the dolphin

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    • Ecco the dolphin

      Hallo an alle !!!

      Brauchen dringend hilfe.

      Kommen bei ecco im 4ten level "Four ways of mystery" nicht weiter.
      Wir haben alles gemacht, aber am ende vom tunnel soll man ja den felsen
      antippen damit der tunnel einstürzt. welcher felsen ist genau gemeint, es
      ist ziemlich dunkel dort.

      bitte, bitte helft uns, spielen von seit monaten !! und kommen nicht

      Liebe grüße und danke an alle die uns weiter helfen können.

    • ================================================================================

      Locate the Recluse Dolphin, Distract the Giant Eel with a Giant Manta Ray

      ***The large Crystal columns that are found in the tunnels will replenish your
      air as long as they have a dancing light inside them. Any Oysters that you
      find in the level will replenish your health. To release these goodies, simply
      sonar the item in question. The crystals will release the light and it
      will travel over Ecco to restore his air, and the Oysters will open up to reveal
      a Pearl. Collect the pearl and Ecco's health will be restored.***

      This level takes time & patience. Try to rush it and you will most likely end
      up in a wrong tunnel with no idea where to go. From your start position,
      travel into the central chamber and collect the Air Star Glyph. This will give
      you the ability to use the Air Glyphs which will extend you air supply,
      and for this level you need as much air as you can get. After collecting the
      Air Star Glyph, turn so that you are facing a purple Guardian Glyph and swim
      towards and past it until you see the cavern wall. Along that section of wall
      will be a tunnel with a small Eel hiding in the top of the tunnel entrance.

      tunnel facing you, turn 90 degrees to your right and carry on swimming along
      that sidewall (keep an eye on that air meter) until you see a section of the
      wall turn light brown and looks like it is made of old brickwork. It is high up
      on the wall, much higher then the first tunnel, and has Sea Anemones in the
      entrance. You can stun these into retracting by sonaring them. A small way
      down this tunnel is an Air Glyph (YAY!), which will refill your air supply and
      double its length from a full position as well. After collecting the Glyph
      continue into the tunnel until you reach a Purple Crystal Column. From here
      you can go left, right or ahead.

      In the right hand tunnel is a Power Sonar Glyph, which you will need on your
      return (Oh yes, you will come back here later in the game). The left hand
      tunnel contains the Recluse Dolphin. If you travel all the way to the end of
      the tunnel, ignoring the left hand turn about half way down the tunnel you will
      enter an area with the Recluse Dolphin who will teach you The Ray Song if you go
      back to the main area of the level and bring him the LARGE Blue & Yellow Fish.
      The forward tunnel is just a dead end, but it has an air current to restore your
      air if you are running low and have already used the Crystal restore. Once you
      have the Ray Song, exit this section of tunnels as quickly as possible and go
      back into the central chamber.

      Head towards the tunnel where you started and when you are looking towards your
      start point, turn left 90 degrees and follow this wall until you find a very low
      tunnel entrance. This is called the 'Red Tunnel', as it has a Red Crystal
      Column in it (remember the purple one?). Once you reach the Red Crystal Column
      you can go ahead or left. The left tunnel serves no purpose except to waste
      your time and air, both of which are precious in this level. If you go straight
      on down the forward tunnel you will come to a pool with sharks in it and a LARGE
      MANTA RAY (you need him in a minute). Kill the sharks. Replace any energy you
      may have lost in the fighting and collect the Air Glyph (helpful Guardian
      again!) that is in the pool.

      Make sure that you are facing the tunnel and the Manta Ray is between you and
      the tunnel. If you sonar the Manta Ray he will swim towards the tunnel, and
      start swimming down the tunnel. Stay behind him and keep sonaring him until you
      exit the tunnel. Once you exit you need to aim the Ray about 45 degrees to the
      right of the tunnel you just came out of, as this puts him swimming towards the
      Giant Eel in the roof that would usually eat Ecco and end this fun rather early.
      If you're still not quite sure where to aim him, just look for a floor-to-
      ceiling column of rock. The Giant Eel is hiding behind this. Make the Ray swim
      towards this area and as soon as you see the Eel dive out of the roof, CHARGE
      like mad past him and into the tunnel beyond.

      Think that's it? OH BOY, ARE YOU WRONG. We can't let all these fun and games
      end quite so quickly, can we! Head down the tunnel (beware, its LONG) until you
      get to a 'collar' of rock similar to the one that the Air Glyph was in. Beyond
      this is a small air column that you can refresh your air with. Just beyond this
      you will see another tunnel, but it will have a strong current, which will stop
      you progressing. OH NO, no Vigour Glyph, what do we do! Never fear, here is
      the answer. The rocks above this tunnel are loose, and if you nudge one it will
      fall down the tunnel and block the current BUT you have to follow the rock down,
      as it will not block the current permanently. Once you are past this the tunnel
      will split into two.

      The right hand tunnel has the fish that cure jellyfish stings, so if you do get
      stung here, go right and heal yourself. The left tunnel will lead to a four-way
      junction with a VERY BIG Blue Crystal Column in the middle of it. The ONLY
      tunnel of importance here is the right hand one. If you travel down this tunnel
      a short way it will split into two. The right hand side has an Oyster if you
      need to replace Ecco's energy. If you don't need to head to the right then take
      the left hand fork and swim like hell as from this point on it is a straight
      race between you and Ecco's lung capacity. Keep travelling down the tunnel,
      ignoring any other turns, as they are of no importance to you whatsoever.
      Eventually, after what seem like miles of tunnels, you will see another rock
      collar (remember them?), which signifies the end of the level. Travel through
      it and keep swimming until a cut-scene takes over and shows Ecco swimming
      upwards and back to Perils Of The Coral Reef (Nope, I'm not kidding).


      Ist jetzt nicht so schweres Englisch, aber wenn irgendwo Verständnisprobleme auftreten, einfach bescheidsagen. Hab jetzt keine Lust den ganzen Text zu übersetzen
      XBL/Steam/ ChaosBart
    • Danke, das ist lieb, habe diesen Text auch gefunden und übersetzt.

      Leider löst er immer noch nicht unser Problem, da wir es nicht schaffen
      diesen blöden Tunnel zum einstürzt zu bringen und des Strom zu
      unterbrechen. Was machen wir falsch, welcher Felsen ist gemeint.
      müssen wir irgend einen Sonar einsetzten ???
      Wie kommen wir weiter ????
    • Ich hab's zwar erst vor kurzem durchgespielt, aber an die genaue Stelle kann ich mich gerade nicht mehr erinnern (und hab hier kein Flash installiert).
      Deswegen der allgemeine Tip: oft liegen in der Nähe Felsen, die man durch dagegenschwimmen oder -stoßen in die richtige Richtung bewegen kann. Dem so reingestoßenen Felsen kann man dann direkt hinterherschwimmen - aber immer darauf achten, den Abstand zum Felsen nicht zu groß werden zu lassen, sonst kommt man aus dem Strömungsschatten raus und wird wieder hochgetrieben.

      Wenn man einen Felsen reingestoßen hat, es aber nicht geschafft hat, ihm hinterherzuschwimmen, keine Panik: Der Felsen taucht nach kurzer Zeit wieder auf (eventuell etwas hin- und herschwimmen dazu, ich glaube, er darf nicht im Sichtfeld sein).

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