Der "NeoGeo Pocket" Thread!!

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    • Ja, geht auch auf Englisch wenn ich mich recht entsinne.

      Hier mal ne Liste…C-am-I-partially-screwed&

      keine Ahnung wrote:

      Here's a complete NGPC game list, separated by languages, excluding all
      Mahjong, Hanafuda, and Pachislot titles. For now I also left off
      Western-released casino titles. There were a bunch of casino titles
      released here -- Slot machine games, Baccarat, 21, etc. All these games
      could perhaps be added later, if I want to take the time. Not sure.

      Separate US and EU/Japan releases, but the main title screen is the only difference, both are in English:

      Bust-A-Move Pocket (US) / Puzzle Bobble Mini (EU/JP) - puzzle game

      Games which were released in multiple regions and have only one version
      of the game inside, so all languages are available in any version of the
      game (sometimes in a menu option, often based on system language,
      sometimes where they are just all the same because of the minimal amount
      of text):

      (Note that no B&W only games released in the US, and nor did the
      B&W NGP system, but the NGP system and some B&W games were
      available in limited release in Europe.)

      Dark Arms - Beast Buster 1999 (JP title: Beast Busters: Yami no Seitai Heiki) - action-RPG
      Samurai Shodown! (B&W only game) (JP/EU release only) (JP title: Samurai Spirits!) - fighting
      Samurai Shodown! 2 (JP title: Samurai Spirits! 2) - fighting
      Cool Boarders Pocket (JP/EU release only) - racing (though it's sort of platformer-esque, really)
      Crush Roller - arcade action (port of a classic early '80s arcade game)
      Puyo Pop (JP title: Puyo Puyo Tsuu) - puzzle
      Fatal Fury F Contact (aka Fatal Fury First Contact; JP title: Garou Densetsu: First Contact) - fighting
      King of Fighters R-1 (B&W only game) (JP/EU release only) - fighting
      King of Fighters R-2 - fighting
      Neo Turf Masters (JP title: Big Tournament Golf) - sports
      NeoGeo Cup 98 Plus Color - sports
      SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium (JP title: SNK vs Capcom: Choujou Kessen Saikyou Fighters) - fighting
      Pocket Tennis (B&W only game) (JP/EU release only) - sports
      Pocket Tennis Color - sports
      NeoGeo Cup 98 (B&W only game) (JP/EU release only) - sports
      Baseball Stars Color - sports
      Shanghai Mini - puzzle
      Metal Slug - 1st Mission - action-platformer
      Metal Slug - 2nd Mission - action-platformer
      Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure - platformer
      Pac-Man - arcade action
      Pocket Reversi (JP/EU release only) - board game

      Games with separate releases for the Japanese and English language
      versions - get the US/EU versions for English. Unless it is stated
      otherwise, assume games came out in all three regions. The main way to
      tell US and EU carts apart is that EU versions don't have ESRB ratings
      on the carts, while US carts always will. All carts will work in any
      system of course, though.:

      Dive Alert (Matt and Becky versions) - action-sim-RPG game where you
      control a submarine. The main thing different between the versions is
      the main and sub characters' gender. Other differences are minor -
      slight text differences, different sub hulls.
      Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams - shmup
      Puzzle Link (JP: Renketsu Puzzle Tsunagete Pon! Color) - puzzle
      Puzzle Link 2 (JP: Tsunagete Pon! 2) - puzzle
      SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, SNK and Capcom versions - card battle
      Biomotor Unitron - RPG
      Evolution - Eternal Dungeons (JP title: Shinkisekai Evolution:
      Hateshinai Dungeon) - RPG. JP/EU only release. The European English
      language release is very rare and fairly expensive.
      Faselei! - strategy, US version has no box (later blister-pack release only)
      Gals Fighters - fighting
      Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny (JP title: Bakumatsu Roman Tokubetsu Ben:
      Gekka no Kenshi - Tsuki ni Saku Hana, Chiri Yuku Hana) - fighting, US
      version has no box (later blister-pack release only)
      Magical Drop Pocket - puzzle
      Picture Puzzle (JP title: Oekaki Puzzle) - Puzzle (Picross clone).
      JP/EU only release, I'm pretty sure. English-language version is
      uncommon but not expensive.

      Japan only release, but the game has a full English option or is fully in English:

      Delta Warp - puzzle game. 100% English, I'm pretty sure.
      Baseball Stars - sports game. Game language depends on system language -
      Japanese for Japanese system setting, English for English setting.
      Big Bang Pro Wrestling - sports game. Game language depends on system
      language - Japanese for Japanese system setting, English for English
      Dynamite Slugger - sports game (baseball). Runs on the Baseball Stars
      engine. Game language depends on system language - Japanese for
      Japanese system setting, English for English setting.

      Wrestling Madness - leaked beta rom of Big Bang Pro Wrestling, I
      believe. Other than the different title and some color changes ingame,
      it appears to be identical to the released version, and like Big Bang
      Pro Wrestling is in both English and Japanese depending on system
      language setting.

      Note that some standard Neo-Geo games also do this same "Japan only
      release, but it's in English in an English-region system" thing. One
      example of this is Twinkle Star Sprites.

      Japanese-only titles with Japanese text and no English option:

      Rockman Battle and Fighters - fighting (a fan translation was started,
      but abandoned quite early on; there is a patch, but it's version 0.1 and
      translates little.)
      SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash 2 - card battle (though as noted, there is a complete fan translation patch for this game)
      Kikou Seiki Unitron (Bio-Motor Unitron 2) - RPG just like the first one
      Nige-Ron-Pa - RPG starring a green-haired girl. Looks good, too bad it's not in English. I'd like to play this game.
      Ogre Battle Gaiden - strategy game with gameplay like the SNES Ogre
      Battle game. Side-story title, and the only Ogre Battle game not
      available in English.
      Memories Off Pure - visual novel
      Ganbare Neo Poke-kun - weird and unique "virtual life" game / minigame
      collection. Neo Poke-kun became the NGPC mascot, and has had cameo
      appearances in some more recent SNK games, such as with Ai in NGBC,
      which is fitting, since Ai carries an NGPC.
      Mizuki Shigeru Youkai Shashin Kan - a kind of action-RPG I think... I
      tried to figure it out, but I just couldn't quite figure out how to do
      the battles so I can't get anywhere. Could be good for people who know
      the language or can figure out how to play.
      Infinity Cure - visual novel
      Bikkuriman 2000 - minigame collection
      Cool Cool Jam - music game
      Party Mail - Japanese heavy card/collection/life sim/something other other title
      Pocket Love If - visual novel
      Puzzle Tsunagete Pon! (B&W only game, first version of Puzzle Link) - puzzle
      Densha de GO! 2 - train sim
      King of Fighters - Battle de Paradise - board game
      Melon-Chan's Growth Diary - life sim (B&W only game)
      Master of Syougi (aka Shogi no Tatsujin) - Japanese chess game (B&W only game)
      Master of Syougi Color (aka Shogi no Tatsujin Color) - Japanese chess game, color sequel to the above
      Mezase! Kanji Ou - Kanji test game. Learn your Kanji!

      I think I've listed all NGP/NGPC games that aren't homebrew, mahjong,
      casino, pachislot, or pachinko games. If I've missed any, mention them.
    • Von Pocket Rumble hätte ich mir ein NGPC Modul gewünscht! Technisch basiert es doch auf der NGPC Hardware soweit ich gelesen habe.

      Vielleicht findet sich ja doch noch ein kleiner Puplisher wie stricktly limited oder LGR die so ein Modul veröffentlichen könnten.

      Es wäre dann wohl das erste Homebrew für den Kult Handheld imo längst überfällig.

      Was denkt ihr würdet ihr euch so ein Game dann kaufen und wenn ja was wäre es euch maximal wert?

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    • Wo hastn Du die Info mit (soll auf NGPC-HW basieren) her, ich finde diese Info nirgends. Was ich aber finde, sind Grafiken u Effekte weit jenseits der Fähigkeiten eines NGPC, oder ich hab die richtigen Games noch nit gezockt (kann ja gut sein, hab erst Sonic durch und MS1 + dieses Puzzle-Bobble-Teil, welches ich echt liebe ^^ )

      TL;DR-->Soll stilistisch sicherlich dran erinnern, aber geht (zB mit dem special-attack-bling-bling, aber auch bei dem Farbreichtum der Backgrounds, wobei mich die scanlines verführen könnten, getäuscht zu werden :love2: ) weiter, als jedes NGPC jeh gegangen ist :ray2:
      What will je make?

      New intruiging Ahoy-Stuff vom Stuart:

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    • Danke für das Video gilga,

      Ich glaub echt der Pocket würde das schaffen.

      Imo ist man bei den Handheld nie wirklich an seine Grenzen gegangen.

      Natürlich weiss ich nicht was hinter der Entwicklung genau steckt.

      Aber ne abgespeckte Variante auf NGPC wäre auch nicht gerade das schlimmste ..

      Ein Crowdfunding für so ein Projekt würde ich unterstützen.

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    • Da geb ich dir natürlich gern Recht; von der Bettkante schubsen würd ich sowas Feines (wenn auch etwas abgespeckt) aufm ngpc natürlich nicht :)

      Was für eine Umsetzbarkeit sprechen würde, wäre zB das fehlende Parallaxing bei minimaler Hintergrundanimation.

      Edit äd techn Grenzen: hoffe ja, dass das einzige noch von mir wirklich heißersehnte pocketgame, cotton, mich bezügl der Audiovisuals zu betören weiß (demnächst knöpf ich mir ms2 vor)
      What will je make?

      New intruiging Ahoy-Stuff vom Stuart:

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